15 agosto 2011

Informe sobre los pros y contras de las políticas de fomento de biomasa e industrias forestales del US Forest Service

Potential Impacts of Climate and Energy Policy on Forest Sector Industries

Year: 2011
Program Area: Responsible Consumption
Lead Author: Jim Bowyer

Providing Incentives for Bio-Energy While Protecting Established Biomass-Based Industries

Current and proposed climate and energy policy, and specifically incentives for the development of bioenergy have the potential to negatively impact established biomass-based industries through increased costs, competition for supplies, and perhaps other unidentified cause and effect relationships. This report assesses short and long-term impacts (both positive and negative) of state and federal climate and bioenergy policies and incentives on the domestic forestry/wood products sector, and in particular the logging, lumber, composite panels, and paper industries, and considers how incentive programs might be modified so as to achieve optimum results for bioenergy producers and established wood-based industries alike. Potential long-term implications of rising energy prices – whether resulting from market forces or public policy – for the domestic wood products industry are also assessed.

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