02 octubre 2010

The Master of Science in European Forestry Erasmus Mundus

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The Master of Science in European Forestry Erasmus Mundus (MSc EF) is provided by a consortium of seven well known European universities. The MSc EF is an international double-degree programme, which has been acknowledged by the European Commission as a top quality European MSc under the Erasmus Mundus programme.

The focus of the MSc EF is on the international dimensions of forest resource management and utilisation, supported by a sound understanding of ecological conditions and their dynamics in Europe. The international environment of the MSc EF invites you to study and to meet friends from all over the world. In addition to receiving a high quality education, you will enjoy the cultural and recreational opportunities of many European cities and nature.
In addition to study places and Erasmus Mundus student scholarships, MSc EF offers opportunities for talented academics from all over the world to apply for scholar mobility grants.

The MSc EF is open to all candidates who have a good command of spoken and written English and at least a bachelor's degree in forest science or related field. For more details, please check the MSc EF admission requirements.

The MSc EF course starts every autumn at the beginning of August. The application period is:
from the 1st of September to 31st of December 2010 for all the nationals for the MSc EF course 2011-2013.

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